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PULS Boards


Phone: +48 501 598 113


Contact details:


PULS Boards


Phone: +48 501 598 113


The most radical waveriding-oriented board in our line. 4 fins and a hard, sharp rail in the tail area provide tons of drive and grip, while fuller, softer rails in the nose give ease, glide and comfort in even the most tweaked out, progressive maneuvers. The single concave in the nose condenses the water, which is then evenly distributed onto the double concave in the mid section and released with a Vee shape in the tail, increasing boards speed and looseness. The Q.S. line is available with turny rocker.




- Vee into double concave in mono concave into Vee bottom shape

- fuller rails on the nose and lower rails

on the back foot

- turny rocker

- quad fin setup

- side fins with slight toe

- full painted graphic

- swallow tail


How to Order

Graphic Design


To configure your board go to BOARDS CREATOR page .


- decide on the model and technology


- customize your board


- add extras


- choose the graphic


and at the end, you can also place the order.